Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The FANTASTIC FOUR TV Series (1963-64)

Sometimes you stumble over a spot on the old internet that stuns you. Sometimes this sense of being surprised is from shock value alone but infrequently there is a website that is so amazing - so brilliant - in its concept and execution that you simply stare in wonder at the accomplishment. Such is my reaction -even days later- to this incredible site dedicated to the FANTASTIC FOUR TV Series shot but never aired in the mid-1960's. Now, you and I know that there is no way this show was actually produced but the fact that it fooled as jaded an eye as my own for a few minutes is a testament to the craft and intelligence brought to bear on this bizarre idea. This site is genius and the creators of this piece of wish fulfillment should be praised for the intricate detail and sharp thought evident in this multilayered hoax. I wish this show DID exist and I feel sad that something so astonishing has to remain in our mind's eye forever.

Check out this perfect explanation for the casting of Namor the Sub-Mariner -- 

By the early 1960s, Fabian’s music career was virtually over.  He was concentrating on his Hollywood career when he landed the role of Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.  Fabian’s makeup in this episode, consisting of slanted eyebrows and pointed ears, predates Leonard Nimoy’s as “Mr. Spock” by two years.  Fabian reportedly hated the little wings glued to his ankles and they are only seen twice in the episode, at his first appearance and again, very briefly, when he returns to the sea.

“Namor’s outfit caused us a lot of grief,” according to costume supervisor Ed Lossman.  “In the comic books, Namor wore skin-tight trunks made from fish skin with large scales.  This look was nearly impossible to replicate, and the material I ended up using didn’t have much give.  The trunks were much tighter than what men were used to back then, and Sargent kept shooting Fabian from the waist up because he feared what the censors might think.  Liz Montgomery blushed any time she and Fabian shared a scene, and Billy Demarest had to be banned from the set.” 

Amazing! Look over the site- there is much more stuff of the same type. So much good work went into this I almost want to pay for it. 

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