Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Bloody Pit # 16 - NIGHTMARE CITY (1980)

Umberto Lenzi's mad horror film NIGHTMARE  CITY can be accused of many crimes but it will never bore you. The movie has the forward momentum of a runaway freight train (which makes it a blast to watch) and it also has the brains of a decapitated chicken (making it maddeningly idiotic). But it presents such a spectacle that all critical faculties just seem to melt away in the warm glow of watching a piece of junk cinema just drop all pretense and go for the jugular every few minutes. As a matter of fact, it would seem that the idea in the editing room may have been "Never let more than five minutes go by without something outrageous or violent occurring". If you asked Lenzi in his later years about this movie he would often try to claim that the story had an anti-military or anti-nuclear energy message but we all know that the real thing to be learned here is that murderous, rage-driven, radiation infected killers can only be put down with a bullet to the head! And they are clearly not aliens. And they get you when you sleep. Wait! Wrong movie.

Anyway- I am joined this time by returning podcast partners Troy Guinn and Jeff Nelson. This is the first time the three of us have recorded together since our epic Yor, The Hunter From The Future episode and I think this one is more entertaining. We have a great time talking about our favorite moments in the film and somehow find more than one way to relate NIGHTMARE CITY to the classic TV series All In The Family. I am not kidding. We discuss the finer points of running zombies; the question of infected vs undead; the problem of emoting when Hugo; and whether this film is more of a rip-off than other Italian horror movies of the same era. Also, Jeff has once again provided a nice piece of artwork to grace the show for which I am eternally grateful. He always goes out of his way to help us out over on the NaschyCast and his addition to this show only improves the entire affair.

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Kev D. said...

One of my all time favorites. Look forward to listening to the cast.

Rod Barnett said...

Hope you enjoy the show. We had a great time with this film and I think our love shines through.

Holger Haase said...

In my younger years I was fascinated by the imagery on advertising material for NIGHTMARE CITY. That film seems to have been around everywhere for a while but I was alas too young to watch it then. I really thought this may be one of the scariest movies ever.

It took me years to finally catch up with it and when I did.... Man, was I disappointed! I felt this was an utter disaster and laughable when I thought it would be shocking.

The sheer enthusiasm of your podcast made me check this out again. Plus: I have since become much more familiar with the joys of Eurotrash and of course was now properly prepared for what to expect.

This time round I really enjoyed the insanity of this production. It's very much a collection of independent gonzo set pieces that move at bullet pace. Yes, it's bananas but it's also thoroughly entertaining.

You pretty much covered it all with the exception of one WTF moment where the general's daughter ignores her father's phone call and within seconds (!) are being summoned in person by a member of the general's staff to join him. Talk about being on stand-by.

So, long story short: Definitely a film I will from now on return to again. And again.

Thanks for another excellent podcast.

Rod Barnett said...

Holger- I could not be happier that we were able to get you to rewatch this mad mess of a film! Mission Accomplished, indeed. It is a laughable film in so many ways but it is so much fun that its impossible to do anything but go along for the ride.