Friday, July 18, 2014

Euro-Spy viewing- AGENT 003:OPERATION ATLANTIS (1965)

Given all the time in the world I would make a project out of running through every James Bond inspired Euro-Spy film that exists as quickly as possible. Visions of a book few people would buy dance through my head -'My Journey with Rip-Off Secret Agents' might be the title. Or not. As it stands, I get to see about two a year so I have to be happy with that. The other night I watched AGENT 003: OPERATION ATLANTIS which has to be one of the wackiest entries in the genre. Playing out like a particularly nonsensical Republic serial the story has our American spy George Steele in route to Japan for a vacation but stopping off in Italy just long enough to be asked to help out with a mission. It appears that uranium has been found in North Africa but it is under the hidden city of the survivors of ancient Atlantis. I'll stop there and let that sink in.

No one bats an eye at the idea that a) Atlantis existed, b) there were survivors that settled near Egypt, c) there is a hidden city that can't be accessed but we know there is uranium underneath it and d) that the best idea to obtain this valuable substance is to send in a guy who has no experience with any of this stuff. Do I need to say anything more to explain why I want to watch ALL of this mad genre? The plot is threadbare to the point of being impossible to follow and the budget is marginal at best but I loved ever minute of this little lost effort. Recommended to anyone who read this description and smiled. 


Brad said...

I'd buy that book Rod.

Rod Barnett said...

Well thank you. That's one sale! My plan takes off!!