Thursday, April 05, 2012

Barbara Bach - Fishmen's Darling

I have never thought of Barbara Bach as a great thespian but I have found her to be a pleasant addition to a number of films I love. She was a solid foil for Roger Moore's James Bond in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME; she was a good addition to Castellari's thrilling crime film STREET LAW; and she played a stuck-up prehistoric hot chick very well in CAVEMAN. But her crowning achievement as far as I'm concerned is the role she has in Sergio Martino's beautiful ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN a.k.a. SCREAMERS (1979). If you have never seen this odd Italian combination of Jules Verne style science fiction and rubber suited monster film I highly recommend checking it out.


johnny6666 said...

How about Ms. Bach (or Mrs. Starr!) in 'The Black Belly of the Tarantula' and 'The Short Night of Glass Dolls' - both giallo classics?

Rod Barnett said...

While I think SHORT NIGHT is a brilliant film I actually wasn't very impressed with BLACK BELLY. And I can't even remember Ms. Bach in either one!

Shahzaib Farooq said...

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