Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Poster Art for Older films

I have no idea where this fantastic poster art for Karloff's THE MUMMY (1932) comes from (I found it over at Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool) but I love it! What a perfect collection/collage of images from the film.


CJG said...

That is one awsome poster! Love the artwork. Older movie posters are just amazing too look at. That Captain America 30's style poster you had posted a few weeks ago was created for the cast and crew with only a few being given away at Comic Con. That will be a tough one to get. Do you collect posters?

Rod Barnett said...

I collect some posters - the ones I can afford! I have a few nice ones- THE LOST CONTINENT, SHE (1965), WILD WILD PLANET- and I have a number of great lobby cards - STRANGLERS OF BOMBAY, DR. NO, ERIK THE CONQUERORS, etc. I wish I could have more really. I still need to get my PREMATURE BURIAL half sheet framed.

Sobral said...

Poster by Martin Ansin