Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ZARDOZ (1974) - The Game?

OK. There isn't and never has been an 8-bit Zardoz video game, but that does nothing to lessen the cool factor on this. Well- it does make me really, really wish there had been a game based on this whacked-out John Boorman film. I am one of the cult of people that name this film a favorite even though its is very easy to mock. Any film that has Sean Connery running around a post-apocalyptic future in a red loincloth while shooting folks is going to be ..... divisive. I may love it because in the 1970s science fiction hadn't been overwhelmed by the STAR WARS blockbuster effect and was able to be thoughtful and (yes) pretentious. Another reason to defend ZARDOZ is that the film has some amazing ideas while sporting an R rating and plenty of Charlotte Rampling! Or is that more than one reason? They all run together as I age normally.

And I still need to read the novelization I have on the bookshelf!

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