Thursday, April 21, 2011

NaschyCast #15.5 - Beyond Naschy - TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1971)

If I was forced to choose my favorite horror film produced in Spain during the 1970s I think I would point to this one. As great as I think many of Paul Naschy’s movies are TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD is so good in so many ways that it stands out as a truly brilliant example of how to take an idea that could be silly and turn it into something grand. With this movie Amando de Ossorio created the greatest monsters of the decade in the undead Templar Knights and he manages to bring a great concept, sinister atmosphere, a haunting score and a creepy setting together in a mesmerizing 97 minutes of sheer Euro-Trash joy. Easily one of the most important horror movies of the past 50 years it is a must see and I can also recommend the three sequels. Strangely, while the Blind Dead films can be seen as zombie movies I have to admit that I never thought of them that way until someone else pointed to the fact that the undead Knights Templar are obviously of that genre. I always just thought of them as their very own ‘type’ of monster with their own rules and drives. I guess that points to the unique nature of TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD. It’s such a singular piece of cinema it took me years to think of what might have influenced it rather than what others drew from it.

Troy and I spend a long time discussing this classic – maybe too long- and try to touch on most of the obvious points of interest. Trying to keep the lustful drooling over the lovely ladies in the cast to minimum is hard but mad morgue attendants and Bava-esque lighting keep us distracted from the feminine beauty long enough to remind us of our obligations to our listeners. We both love the movie and have a personal connection to it as it shaped our fascination with Euro-Horror in much the same way as Paul Naschy’s work. Please be aware that we try not to spoil the movie but I’m sure we give away some of the more shocking elements as we talk. Enjoy the show and please let us know what you think about the Blind Dead, Paul Naschy and anything else you want at and check us out on Facebook as well. Yes! The long awaited Naschycast Facebook page is up and running! Drop on by and ‘like’ the show to let us know you’re out there.

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Anonymous said...

Great cast. One of my favorites so far. I especially got a kick out of your observations about how morgue attendants in movies are always weirdos, and your railing against the IMDB for their practically criminal labeling of Tombs Of The Blind Dead as Mark Of The Devil 4! As for the prevalence of rape scenes in 70's horror, I lean more towards the simple attempt to sleaze things for exploitation purposes, as opposed to the theory of it being a misogynistic reaction to feminism. I also look forward to the possibility of you guys doing a Franco cast sometime in the near future. You should consider taking a look at Mansion Of The Living Dead. Not one of Franco's more well-known or highly regarded efforts, but I personally like it a lot and it would be a good tie-in for this Blind Dead cast, seeing as how people have long referred to Mansion as an homage to the Blind Dead series. I'd also like to submit the suggestion that you someday do a Beyond Naschy cast looking at that infamous piece of Spanish slasher trash, Pieces. A great deal more sleazy and hilariously inept than your usual podcast subjects, which is kind of why I'd like to see your take on this flick, which eschews class and high quality filmmaking in favor of unintentional b-movie hyucks (the crazed kung-fu professor who blames his impromptu outbreak of chopsockey chicanery is a riot) and elephantine dollops of gratuitous nudity. And if you ever revisit Ossorio in the future, I'd love to hear you guys wax nostalgic about Night Of The Sorcerers or Fangs Of The Living Dead. More suggestions: The Devil's Nightmare, Mucha Sangre, Vampyros Lesbos, and just about anything Fulci.

Anonymous said...

PS> To add a bit of info to the listener who wrote in in about metal bands inspired by the Blind Dead, you might dig the fact that Hooded Menace also has a popular song called "The Love Song Of Gotho, The Hunchback Of The Morgue." And you guys also mentioned the last effect of the Blind Dead on pop culture, and I was wondering if you were familiar with any of the movies featured in the following link:

Rod Barnett said...

I'm a fan of Mansion Of The Living Dead as one of Franco's better 80s films and I wouldn't mind crafting a Beyond Naschy show around it. It's a possibility. And Pieces is one of my all time fave looney tunes films. There few movies stranger and it is 'classic bad'.