Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ascension of the Blind Dead comic

In the 15.5 Naschycast we spoke a bit about some of the cooler things inspired by Ossorio's quartet of classic Euro-Horror and I mentioned my love of David Zuzelo's short story turned comic story 'Ascension of the Blind Dead'. I first read and loved it when it was published as a small chapbook and was happy to see it become a comic tale last year. You can see it by picking up the zombie comic collection Zombie Terrors from Asylum Press or you can read it for free over at David's blog THE BLIND DEAD. Either way I recommend checking it out and also checking in regularly at his other blog Tomb It May Concern . You might even check out his other other blog The B-Side Barbarians which he really needs to update soon. Hint hint!

Damn! How many freakin' blogs does Mr. Z have, anyway? Am I missing any? Hell with it. Check them out and look over the most recent addition to the Blind Dead universe. Here's page one........

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Anonymous said...

Shit! I just bought this book from Amazon the other day, solely for the Blind Dead story. I didn't know I could read it for free. Dagnabbit.