Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blind Dead music

In anticipation of our Beyond Naschy look at the first BLIND DEAD film podcast listener Luis (from Portugal!) sent us links to a few songs by the British band Cathedral. Each of these is about our favorite undead Templar Knights and are pretty damned cool in the bargain. I love that they use some of the creepy score and blend it into their sound. Enjoy!


Elena said...

One of my fav bands, you have to love Lee Dorian!

Rod Barnett said...

With songs about the Blind Dead I could easily become a fan myself!

Sobral said...

Besides the Blind Dead, you can find lots of film references in their music, like: Captain Clegg (Night Creatures); Planet of the Apes; Blacula; Witchfinder General... worth a listen ;)