Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Justified trailer

One of the very few shows I watch on television these days is the excellent 'Justified' on FX. Indeed, FX has several shows I watch -'Archer', 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' - I meant to watch 'Terriers' but now its been canceled so I'll catch up to it on DVD eventually.

'Justified' is the only cop show on TV I care about. It's smartly written, funny and the producers know that the reason people come back week after week is for the characters and their interactions. This show sports some of the best characters around and I love it. This clip shows the humor and knowing wit laced throughout every episode.

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Kal said...

The dialogue on 'Justified' is so good because everyone is saying more than they mean with every line. Even the tone of a conversation is meant to imply various things. You can read a thousand words by just a raised eyebrow. And Raylen's relationship with his childhood buddy is one of the great bromances in TV history. Walton Googins is a treasure. I love this show too.