Monday, March 14, 2011

Jess Franco poster art - Part 3!

This was the film that made me realize that not all color Franco films were going to suck. TWO UNDERCOVER ANGELS (1969) was so much lighthearted fun done with a 1960s pop art sensibility that I fell for it immediately. That a smiling Rosanna Yanni was onscreen for most of the running time helped too! This may have been the film that turned me from dismissive of his work to curious about what other goodies might lurk in Franco's long list of credits. I need to rewatch this soon.


Kal said...

What a great poster. I might just have to take a chance on one of these Franco films that you rant and rave about so often.

Rod Barnett said...

Be careful my Northern friend! Jess Franco films are numerous and there are many treacherous paths you can take. If you feel the desire let me know and I’ll point you toward some safer ones. Actually, this film might not be a bad place to start!