Saturday, January 29, 2011

Corinne Clery

I know very little about French actress Corinne Clery but she has haunted my dreams ever since my first viewing of YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE. Back in the mad days of constant HBO re-runs of any trashy movie that could be shown at all hours because of a PG rating the sight of her animal skin covered backside scrambling over rocks as she ran away from mutants, dinosaurs or apemen was a glorious thing to see. Don't get me wrong- the cheesy awesomeness of YOR was great on its own but Corinne Clery's winsome smile and beautiful legs added spice to the dip. Since then I've enjoyed her presence in the Bond mess MOONRAKER, the tense thriller HITCH-HIKE with Franco Nero and David Hess as well as the amusingly awful STAR WARS rip-off THE HUMANOID. When I went looking for images of her I discovered that she did a LOT of nudity in her career, which is fantastic- but I'll keep it (mostly) clean here. Enjoy.

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