Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Bloody Pit #2 - YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (1983)

The often derided, demeaned, sneered at and insulted YOR THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (1983) is the subject of the second Bloody Pit podcast. This great and glorious Italian slab of muscled joy deserves much better attention than it has received over the years and, even if it has been recently issued on DVD (sort of), not enough people living in the 21st century are aware of the magnificence of this classic. For this epic movie I begged super-fan Jeff Nelson to join me and Yor newbie (and NaschyCast co-host) Troy Guinn sat in as well so that we could have a variety of viewpoints. Its always fun to introduce people to this bizarre barbarian adventure and if we accomplish only that one thing I would thrilled. But I also hope that we can educate some of the Negative Nellies out there as to the brilliance of what YOR brings to the table. At the very least this show will clue listeners in to the facts about what they have and have NOT seen. Far too few folks are aware that if all they have ever seen is the theatrical version, then they missed over two hours of monster filled awesomeness. So, until you see Yor fight a one-eyed, multi-tentacle lake monster you haven't really seen YOR!

This show grew to epic proportions -just like the full length version of the film- and many odd subjects are discussed. I spend a long while praising director Antonio Margherti and his sterling miniature work while, in an embarrassing turn of events, Troy confesses his love for Telly Savalas. It gets a little strange. I was impressed that Jeff noticed that, in a way, a better title for the film would have been YOR- AGENT OF GENOCIDE and that the last section of the film could have been called DARTH KENOBI AND THE DOOM TROOPERS. We all three agree that the title used was a poor choice but would one of ours be any better? We'll never know.

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Brian Lindsey said...

FYI... As of 10:30 AM (Central) on Sunday, July 8, the newest podcast is not showing up in iTunes.

Rod Barnett said...

I just checked and got it to download through iTunes with no trouble. Maybe there was a hiccup this morning?