Thursday, January 20, 2011

Johnny Cash sings Bond title tune?

Just when I think I've found the strangest combination of things I will ever find I stumble across this. Over at the brilliant Spy-centric blog Double O Section I read that back in 1964 Cash made an attempt to craft a title tune for THUNDERBALL. This fact alone is news to me and is nearly mad enough to cause my head to explode. After all, its just not possible that two so cool things as Bond and Johnny Cash could occupy the same space. Surely the time/space continuum would rip asunder and fling us all into the void. But it really does appear to be true and if any still doubt the song in question exists it will be released officially next month on Volume 2 of the Bootleg series of Cash discs being released by Sony. Amazing. This bit of not-so-hidden-as-I-would-have-thought musical trivia has been bumping around certain circles for years prompting some smart soul to produce this video melding the song and Maurice Binder's Thunderball title sequence. Its easy to see why the song was not used as its much more appropriate for a western than a spy film (big surprise) but I kind of dig it. Unique to say the least and a welcome addition to my growing list of abandoned or refused songs from the Bond series. What odd thing will turn up next?



Rhatfink said...

That was an interesting alternate sound, but it really wouldn't have worked in the context of the Bond universe. Cool video though!

Elena said...

Interesting.... when i was a child, my father was a great James Bond fan and I know all the movies by heart, ok when i was a child I spent two afternoons with the VHS and a cassette player recording all james Bond songs in order to have them in a tape to listen to lol

Lazarus Lupin said...

very cool, would have loved it if he did a version of goldfinger

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