Sunday, September 26, 2010

Synapse goes Blu & Warner Archives goes Slime-y

Two pieces of DVD release news in the past week have made me happy to be a film geek in the new millennium. Don May Jr.'s Synapse Films is finally entering the high definition field by rolling out the amazing Hammer film VAMPIRE CIRCUS as their inaugural Blu-Ray disc. Slated for a December drop it'll be the perfect gift for the fan of sexy bloody horror on your shopping list. (Consider that a hint.) The film is reason enough to excited but look at this list of extras--

THE BLOODIEST SHOW ON EARTH: “Making Vampire Circus” - An all-new documentary featuring interviews with writer/director Joe Dante, Hammer documentarian Ted Newsom, Video Watchdog editor/author Tim Lucas, author/film historian Philip Nutman and actor David Prowse
GALLERY OF GROTESQUERIES: A Brief History of Circus Horrors - A retrospective on circus/carnival themed horror productions
VISITING THE HOUSE OF HAMMER: “Britain's Legendary Horror Magazine” - A retrospective on the popular British horror/comic publication featuring author Philip Nutman
VAMPIRE CIRCUS: Interactive Comic Book" - Featuring artwork by Brian Bolland; Poster And Stills Gallery; Original Theatrical Trailer.

Can. Not. Wait!

Also, the Warner Archive selection gets good and funky with three of the incredibly fun Italian produced science fiction epics from the 1960s. WILD WILD PLANET is one of my favorite films of all time and THE GREEN SLIME is easily the greatest Italian/Japanese SF co-production ever made. (Not that this is a large sub-genre of film, but you get the idea.) If you have not yet seen either of these movies I pity you and I envy you because you will soon be able to see them in what should be the best possible way - unless someone can get these screened at a theater- in which case please let me know where and when. This is great news and the answer to many 'wish list' prayers so lets all be thankful that these are coming soon. Finally.

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