Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Paul Naschy R.I.P.

The news that one of my monster heroes has died reached me today and I must admit it caught me unawares. I knew he was getting older and looking more frail but it just never occurred to me that El Hombre Lobo might die. I first encountered him not onscreen but in the pages of this wonderful magazine devoted to Euro-Trash cinema.

After reading this issue I sought out his movies and still continue that hunt today. I haven't seen all of his films but the unwatched list shrinks every year. For me he was one of the last surviving Great Horror Stars and I regret never getting to meet and thank him for the hours of entertainment he's provided me.

The world is a little less fantastic with his passing. Goodbye Senor Lobo. I will miss you.


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Nickolas Cook said...

Holy crap! I am STUNNED! Naschy has been a film idol of mine for years. I knew he was getting up there in age, but I can't believe he's gone. This is a sad day, indeed.

Mr. Ghoul said...

Our "Naschy Nights" will mean just a little bit more from now on, won't they. As Dave and I were discussing, Paul had quite a life...he got to play "Monster" for a living, and get surrounded by naked Euro-babes in the process. I kick myself even more that I missed his rare U.S. convention appearances. I'm glad he lived to receive some awards and see how much his work is appreciated now.

Brian Lindsey said...

Never saw a Paul Naschy film until the advent of DVD... yet another boon of that home video Golden Age.

His enthusiasm for the horror genre and the gothic aesthetic was truly infectious. I greatly enjoy a number of his films; just like popping a classic Universal Horror or a Hammer favorite in the player, Naschy's best work gives this middle-aged Monster Kid a sense of "home". (And even his bad movies can be quite entertaining!)

Paul Naschy is my favorite cinematic lycanthrope of all time. I think he was a better werewolf than Lon Chaney Jr. -- truly throwing himself into the role physically.

R.I.P., Señor Naschy.

Mr. Ghoul said...
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