Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What I Watched In August

August was a pretty darned good month for movies. Two spaghetti western classics on the big screen; two of the best movies of the summer in one weekend; INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS; and I finally caught up with SCARAMOUCHE- a film I wish I had watched years ago. If I hadn't been dealing with a three week period of workers tramping in and out of my apartment rebuilding a wall it would have been paradise.

ORPHAN (2009)- 7 (stylish horror effort a with nice twist)
A LONG RIDE FROM HELL (1968)- 6 (spaghetti western)
CRESCENDO (1970)- 7 (rare Hammer thriller)
FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (1965)- 9 (Leone on the big screen is a delight)
FIVE (1951)- 6 (Arch Oboler’s post-apocalyptic morality play)
IRONMASTER (1983)- 7 (rewatch) (entertaining barbarian adventure with some good ideas buried in the mix)
[REC] (2007)- 8 (Spanish horror film remade as QUARENTINE)
THE HURT LOCKER (2009)- 10 (simply brilliant action film)
DISTRICT 9 (2009)- 10 (fan-freaking-tastic sci-fi tale)
HELEN OF TROY (1955)- 5 (a bit stiff and stage-y but not bad)
EXECUTION (1968)- 3 (muddled, dull and sloppily produced spaghetti western)
COUNTERSPY MEETS SCOTLAND YARD (1950)- 5 (OK little programmer taken from a radio series)
BOSS NIGGER (1975)- 5 (not too great blaxploitation western that could have used a bigger budget)
TARZAN’S MAGIC FOUNTAIN (1949)- 5 (it would have been better minus the Cheetah shenanigans)
SCARAMOUCHE (1952)- 9 (excellent swashbuckler from a Sabatini novel)
INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (2009)- 8 (QT plays in a new sandbox and it is good)
UPPERSEVEN (1966)- 6 (Euro-spy fun with some nice fights and some silliness)
NIGHTMARE CASTLE (1965)- 8 (rewatch) (excellent Italian gothic)
THE 400 BLOWS (1959)- 8 (haunting and sad)
DIARY OF THE DEAD (2007)- 6 (rewatch)
THE LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE (1973)- 7 (Spanish gothic)
HONDO (1953)- 7 (I’d like to see this in 3D)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (1968)- 10 (rewatch)
LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS (1956)- 5 (slow but not bad ‘white girl raised by natives’ tale- the nudity was a surprise)
THE CASE OF THE BLACK CAT (1936)- 6 (fast, fun Perry Mason story)

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