Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Prisoner comes to Blu-Ray

As reported at TV Shows On DVD -

"This October, A&E Home Entertainment has partnered with the Network DVD to deliver the definitive version of this definitive cult classic with THE PRISONER BLU-RAY EDITION. Featuring a complete high definition restoration, sound re-mix and hours of stunning extras never before seen stateside, the Blu-Ray ($99.95 SRP), streeting just prior to the premiere of the highly anticipated reinterpretation of THE PRISONER (starring James Caviezel and Ian McKellen) on AMC, is certain to continue to mesmerize viewing audiences and build on its place as one of television's most dramatic achievements."

I'm not sure how 'anticipated' the remake of this classic show really is but if that production caused this to happen it has served its purpose for me. No way I'll pay $100 but it'll go on my ever growing 'want' list.

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