Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 - The Year of Paul Naschy Blu-Rays - continued!

Adding to the incredible list of Paul Naschy titles that are slated to come to Blu-Ray soon are three high profile films from Code Red! No details have been released about these discs as yet but the possibilities for extras are immense considering that a few of the cast members are still around to interview - paging Jack Taylor

Of course, for me the best news is that my beloved THE MUMMY'S REVENGE (1975) is one of the three movies on the way. This is one of my favorite of Naschy's films and I think that if more people see it that it's reputation will grow to match it's high level of quality. It really is exceptional! 

And what can any fan say about FURY OF THE WOLFMAN (1972) that won't sound like a spurned lover making excuses for why it was best for both parties to separate? This mad, messed up tale of lycanthropy and mad science is a true 'must be seen to be believed' piece of Spanish Horror and I can only hope that they are able to include the two different versions for comparison and study. Just the idea of being able to see this in high definition is mind bending! 

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Unknown said...

I am so excited about all these Naschy releases in the pipeline! And I certainly don't have to tell you how long overdue this shit is...and, if you will, please indulge me as I grab this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to both you and Troy: your laudable efforts continue to nurture my ever-growing appreciation of Sr. Molina's vastly underappreciated contributions to the genre. The next obvious step is the enlistment of Rod Barnett and Troy Guinn to provide audio commentaries to all future Naschy home video releases...