Friday, May 13, 2016

Have I seen this movie? - LAND OF DOOM (1986)

A few weeks back  I had the DVR grab this post-apocalyptic flick because I wanted the chance to revisit it now that - for some reason best left unexplored - MGM has mastered it in HD for their cable channel. I knew I had watched this one in some bootleg/VHS rip form at some time in the past but my memories were vague enough to be a little excited to check it out - again. 

But now I've watched it and I have to confess that I'm confused. Not by the film itself which is terrible in every way that a 1980's low budget sand & motorcycle exploitation movie can be. No- I'm confused because I'm pretty sure I have seen this sucker but while watching it I have no memories of anything I'm seeing. Not to say that the film is at all unique in it's imagery, story, characters, setting, action, dialog or any other aspect of filmmaking that you care to name. In fact, it is so damned generic in every respect that, for a fan of the post ROAD WARRIOR sub-genre, it is almost the cinematic equivalent of wallpaper. Nothing stands out about it. Nothing. It's a terrible movie but it oozes across the mind's eye and then evaporates, leaving only the faint idea of a film in it's wake. Strange. 

So, I'm not sure if I have ever watched this awful piece of crap before but now I know I have. Consider this my marker for future questions about it. 

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