Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Brief Note - The Coming of the Supermen

When, a few months ago, I learned that legendary comic book artist Neal Adams was going to be creating a six issue Superman mini-series I was thrilled. I love his art and the prospect of him doing a new Superman story was something to look forward to reading. So it's difficult to admit this but after three issues of the this book - titled The Coming of the Supermen - I have to report that it SUCKS! Not the art! No, no. Adams' art for the book is fantastic and a joy to behold.

No. It's the writing that's the problem. At the end of the first issue I was a little unimpressed with the dialog and the herky-jerky plotting but I was hanging with it. By the end of the third issue I was just depressed. This damned thing is almost incomprehensible. I honestly have no idea what the hell is happening or why certain things occur. I can't even figure out why certain characters are doing the things they do in this story and that includes Superman! What a disappointment. 

I guess there's a reason Adams is famous for his artwork and not for his writing. Damned shame he wasn't paired with someone to help craft a good tale. What a missed opportunity. 

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