Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sword & Sandal Poster Art

Because every now and then you just need to see examples of gorgeous movie poster art. 


Nick Rentz said...

The posters are cool, but most of the peplum I've seen have let me down. I could probably count the ones I've enjoyed on one hand. How do you feel about the genre?

Rod Barnett said...

It's a genre I've loved for a long time. I find I can enjoy almost any film of this type simply because of the trappings and action. Some are not actually good but i still have fun with them. Have you seen THE SLAVE with Steve Reeves?

Nick Rentz said...

I haven't seen The Slave. Hercules in the Haunted World, Giants of Rome, Son of Hercules against the Mole Men, and the first Steve Reeves Hercules are the ones I like. Any suggestions?