Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Logan's Run by Marvel Comics!

As had become the norm by the mid-1970's someone had to adapt the latest science fiction film for the comics. Luckily the book was handled by the very talented artist George Perez making it stand out visually in a way that just seemed to enhance the film's imagery. The comic spread it's adaptation of the movie over the first five issues allowing the writers Gerry Conway and David Kraft to dig deep into the story and bring out subtly and nuance that was never possible even with a big Hollywood budget. And then they continued the story in issues six and seven before Marvel pulled the plug! It's a damned shame because the next chapter was shaping up to be amazing. I've read conflicting accounts as to why the series was cancelled with low sales being offered as a reason. I've also heard that there was a sudden discovery that Marvel didn't have the rights to do more than adapt the film and had over stepped their rights by going further. I really doubt that the series was not selling well so I suspect that Marvel charged ahead without the contracts having the correct letters crossed and dotted. They certainly never kept a series going again once the particular film had been adapted including FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and BLADE RUNNER. Jeeze! Imagine a couple of sequel issues for BLADE RUNNER from Marvel in 1982! 

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Daryl Davis said...

There was even work started on later issues -- some artwork popped up on eBay for issue 8 or 9 a few years back. Would have loved to see the rest of that story.