Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Bloody Pit # 23 - WAR BETWEEN THE PLANETS (1966)

Antonio Margheriti is the Italian genre director most often forgotten or overlooked by fans of Euro-Cult cinema. It's not that his films are ignored but more that he is rarely looked upon as a filmmaker with a body of work worthy of serious attention. Starting with this episode John Hudson and I will be conducting a tour of some of the more interesting of his over thirty year career in the director's chair. As I state (repeatedly) in the show, Margheriti made films in nearly every genre possible and often crafted some of the best examples of each type. Usually hidden behind his pseudonym Anthony M. Dawson, he was responsible for more than just YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE!

This film  has been known by many titles but we're going to use the one attached to the current Region 1 DVD - WAR BETWEEN THE PLANETS. I do, from time to time, refer to it as PLANET ON THE PROWL because that is just such a cool name but considering the various very similar titles given this and Margheriti's other science fiction tales I hope I can be forgiven. If you've never heard of the Gamma One films before hopefully this episode will give you some understanding of the group of four movies and possible spur you to check them out. 

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