Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Javier Trujillo's Comic Book Adaptation of PANIC BEATS!!

As American fans of Paul Naschy we on this side of the Atlantic often feel left out of the loop. At least a couple of times a year some cool new Naschy product - book, DVD, museum display, etc. - is made available in Europe and we have to go begging. Or, more accurately, we have to import these things at exorbitant prices and hope they are English language friendly! 

This was how I felt about the fantastic work of Javier Trujillo when, a few years ago, I first saw his amazing adaptations of a couple of Paul Naschy films. "Gimme, gimme" was quickly followed by "Crap! They're only in Spanish!" Well now that it no longer true! As of just this week Trujillo's incredible graphic novel edition of Naschy's 1983 film PANIC BEATS has been made available in America in a newly translated English version! How cool! This new comes to us from fellow podcaster (Horror Rises From Spain), webmistress and major Naschy fan Elena Romea Parente and she is also responsible for the translation for this book!  Here is the ad copy directly from Amazon-

"Based on the movie of the same name by Paul Naschy in 1983, PANIC BEATS is a supernatural claustrophobic thriller that takes place in Alaric de Marnac’s old mansion.

Alaric de Marnac is Paul Naschy’s second important character, after the classic and famous werewolf Waldemar Daninsky. Alaric, inspired by Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc’s deputy who ended his life mad and cursed after her death, is a character that in different Naschy’s works goes from one age to the other as an eternal spectre, always taking his dark and horrible curse with him.

Javier Trujillo’s work has a solid realistic style, always faithful to Paul Naschy’s original work, with whom he worked intensely during the director’s last years in order to translate his work and his personal supernatural cosmogony, always influenced by the classics, to the comic world and illustration. " 

The only downside is that it only being made available as an ebook for the Kindle for now but that is a small hurdle when the work is this gorgeous. And the price is a mere $2.99! Amazing! Go on over and check it out- you can download a free sample page to get a look at the art and I'm sure that will entice you to read the whole thing. Take a look. 

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