Friday, January 09, 2015

Elric of Melniboné - Books of my Youth

I was recently dusting bookshelves and realized that although I have nice editions of many other of Moorcock's lengthy series of Eternal Champion stories I don't have any of the Elric tales. I read the DAW paperback series when I was a teenager (as I'm sure most long-term fans do) but I somehow have lost track of when I traded away, loaned or lost my copies of those old books. Now I'm feeling the urge to reread those novels but I also still haven't read the Corum, Hawkmoon or Nomad of the Time Stream books yet and they are sitting there on the shelf, mocking me. 


Brian Lindsey said...

I, too, had all those DAW paperback editions of Moorcock's "Eternal Champion" books back in the day... but I don't anymore! Same as you: lost or traded 'em away. Later on (the 1990s) I picked up the hardcover editions from White Wolf Publications, which I still have today. Long live the Eternal Champion!

Epic and influential the Elric saga may be, but my personal favorite is Hawkmoon... I've always felt those books (especially the first four) would be the most adaptable to the screen -- cinema or TV -- and the most marketable to a mass general audience.

Rod Barnett said...

Wow! Those White Wolf editions are the ones I have as well! And it turns out I DO have one of the Elric volumes. To add to the odd synchronicity of your comment I just started reading the Hawkmoon volume and I'm loving it so far.