Monday, August 23, 2010

LOGAN'S RUN missing scenes

One of my favorite science fiction films from the period BSW (before Star Wars) is LOGAN'S RUN. I've been a fan ever since seeing it on commercial TV when I was a wee lad and I've enjoyed returning to it repeatedly over the years. As I delve deeper into the minutia of the film, the book its based on, the comic books series, the failed TV series that came after and the possible remake I keep hoping that eventually the legendary scenes deleted from the film will surface on some video incarnation or another. Alas, to this day, no sign of them.

Here's a photo from the 'ice sculpting' scene that was eliminated to shorten the Box segment and remove some nudity.

Someday I still hope to see all the removed footage- if it still exists.


Mr. Ghoul said...

Any removal of Jenny Agutter nudity is a criminal act!

Kal said...

Like you I had a love for that movie for many reasons. The look was great as was Jenny Agutter who is a close second to Caroline Munroe (from Golden Voyage Of Sinbad) as my first big screen crush. Michael York was also in the best version of the Three Musketeers so you can't knock him for any hero he played in the 70s. And Boxx scared the crap out of me and sounded just like a robot should sound. Anytime I would hear that voice no matter where I was in the house I would always look carefully around just in case someone was looking for 'fish, plankton, sea greens and protein from the sea'.