Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marvel's Planet of the Apes magazine

I completely missed the Marvel PLANET OF THE APES comic book magazine in the 1970s. I never saw an issue on the racks anywhere in Tennessee or Alabama where I grew up and it was only in my mid-20s that I discovered it existed at all. After getting a couple of random issues I've become convinced that this run of 29 black & white stories, articles and movies adaptations is worth collecting in total. I've only got a handful so far but I'm in no hurry. Much like my slow, patient, years long collecting of MASTER OF KUNG FU comics I’m willing to take my time and get each issue for a very low price. I should have the whole run in about 10 years. Unless I freak out, get impatient and go on a berserk buying spree.

Its a shame Marvel apparently no longer has the rights to reprint these books. I'm sure they could make a bundle.

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Dan said...

I used to sneak up to the local comic/adult magazine store and buy copies of the POTA mag!