Thursday, May 06, 2010

Paul Naschy on Spanish horror

This is the first part of an episode of the fantastic British TV series EUROTIKA. Each show focused on one area of Euro-Trash cinema and did a good job of both informing newbies and providing some amazing interviews with the creators and stars of the classics of the 1960s and 1970s European film boom. Here you can see not just Naschy but Jose Larraz, Jorge Grau and a host of others discussing their best horror efforts.


Elena Anele said...

Love the video. Quite interesting. Larraz is a master lol remember last time I saw him it was because a book called Spanish Horror by Victor Mantellanos was released, so some of the "main" personalities of that attended to the presentation... THere were Larraz, Naschy, Taylor and more. Nobody but Larraz and Naschy spoke lol Not because they didn't want to but because the other two didn't allow them!! And I have to admit that it was quite funny. I love listening to them speaking, the same as Jesus Franco you cannot imagine how many interesting stories they have to tell!

Anonymous said...
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Rod Barnett said...

Elena- I have no doubt that Larraz and Naschy would have talked everyone's eats off! Its clear in this clip that they are willing to talk for hours if asked. Of course, I would sit and listen for hours as well! Did you watch Part 2?

Elena Anele said...

Yes I did, actually I posted both videos on Un fan de Paul Naschy some days ago lol ;) Ossorio is great acting as he cannot remember the name of Naschy's movie... that actually wasn't Naschy's and that is by... ok I cannot remember whose it is, the name in English I think it's the Devil's Cross and it is "based" on Becquer's tales, but any similarity with the original tales, Becquer's ones I mean, it's pure coincidence lol
Why did you ask?

PS: FYI, just in case you haven't logged in Latarnia boards --->
Angel Agudo, you know the one in charge of last Naschy biography (a piece of art I must say), is in the made of a film/documentary called: El legado de Paul Naschy. Some personalities from the cinema and the critic such as Grau and also some experts about Fantastic cinema as well as family members speak about Naschy and his films. The other day, at SHOTS (a short films contest organized by Scifiworld magazine) Luis Rosales introduced to us a 11 minute sampler of what this will be. It is supposed to have the premier at Sitges festival 2010 and it will be about one hour and a half.
I have to say that I loved what I saw!