Sunday, May 02, 2010

NaschyCast #4 -THE VENGEANCE OF THE MUMMY (1973)

In the 4th episode of NaschyCast we unravel THE VENGEANCE OF THE MUMMY a.k.a. THE MUMMY'S REVENGE. Occasionally slow and packed with Egyptian lore and mystery the film is one of my favorite mummy movies and Troy (despite a lack of mummy love) actually feels the same way. Of course, calling it the second best mummy movie of all time is like claiming to be the leper with the most fingers but it’s still one Hell of a fun movie. Bloody, sexy and filled with murder set pieces that rival what was being done in gore films of the same vintage it’s a fun, furious ride with a few surprises along the way. Crushed heads for everyone!

Back from HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB is director Carlos Aured, lovely co-star Helga Line and Naschy his own bad self is again playing two separate roles. Hey! When you can play both the villain and his main henchman why not do it? I wonder if he got two paychecks?

Anyway- a great Naschy horror film and we have a lot of fun with it, so enjoy!

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I do love a good mummy movie or a good Billy Mummy movie. I haven't see this one.