Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Wolf Man Vs. Dracula - the film that never was

In 1944 Universal studio asked for a script for their next monster movie from writer Bernard Shubert. He had written the screenplay for THE MUMMY'S CURSE and when he was given this assignment Shubert was told that this film would have Lon Chaney Jr. returning to his Wolf Man role and Bela Lugosi coming back to play Dracula. On top of that it was supposed to be filmed in Technicolor which would have been a first for a Universal horror movie! Of course, this film was never made but the script was completed and then socked away in a drawer for years. But now, thanks to Philip J Riley and Bear Manor Publishing, fans of old monster flicks can read the entire script reproduced directly from the original manuscript to see what might have been. Personally I can't wait to read this missing chapter from the classic Universal cycle of horror movies. Boy, I wish they had made this sucker!


The Vicar of VHS said...

Fascinating news! I had no idea about this aborted project. I have the Universal Film Scripts Series WOLF MAN script, and it's excellent. Think I may have to snag this one as well!

Neil D Vokes said...

Interesting- we could then have learned all about how Dracula and Talbot met before A & C MEET FRANKENSTEIN...;O)

Anonymous said...
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