Wednesday, April 07, 2010

STAR WARS episode II review

If you remember the mad brilliance of their review of THE PHANTOM MENACE you are set to love this ripping apart of the follow up.


Brian Lindsey said...

This guy nails it again... Damning in his spot-on observations while being consistantly hilarious. (He could lose the "captive chick in the basement" shtick, though.)

I still like CLONES a bit more than he does, if only for some of the arena creatures and Christopher Lee.

Rod Barnett said...

The captive chick stuff has worn out its welcome. I liked it at first because it implied the SW films had driven the guy nuts but enough is enough. Although I like the twist he gives it here.

And I've always considered CLONES to be the least crappy of the prequels but all of his criticisms are dead on. It is dumber than a bag of mud.