Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Robert Culp RIP

I first knew Robert Culp because of the 1970s TV show THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO. He was the irascible FBI agent who wished the super suit had been given to him rather than the wussy who owned it. I then spotted him in the single best Outer Limits episode ever made ‘Demon With A Glass Hand’. Then I learned of his brilliant 1960s TV show I, SPY. And after seeing him do all kinds of things on my television screen I realized one thing very clearly- I would believe anything Robert Culp said. Anything.

Mr. Culp died today and I wish he was still with us. I never met the man but I would have liked to shake his hand. I now have to step up my hunt for a copy of Hickey & Boggs, the film he directed and in which he played the lead. Its been a bad week for actors from my childhood but this passing hits me the hardest.

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