Monday, March 01, 2010

NaschyCast #2 - HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB (1973)

Troy and I are proud to present the second episode of The NaschyCast! This time we run through HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB and discover even more madness than we had though might be there. How did we manage to link THE EXORCIST, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and DIRTY HARRY to this film? Were we able to pronounce the actor’s names any better this time out? Did we get distracted by the copious nudity on display? How much does religion play a part in the symbolism used in the film? Were we able to make sense out of the jumble of crazed ideas tossed around in this Euro-horror classic? All of these questions and more will be answered (or at least mentioned and picked at) in this show!

Truly, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB is one of the most enjoyable of Paul Naschy’s movies and was part of an amazing string of entertaining pictures that showed him and his collaborators working at the top of their game. In the end I have to agree with Troy that this may be one of the best to introduce newcomers to the joys of the Mad Spaniard’s horror output. It’s certainly impossible to be bored by the movie.

Keep in mind that this is a spoiler packed Podcast and that we discuss the entire film from start to finish so if you haven't seen HRFTT yet you might want to be wary. And once again feel free to give us your thoughts on the Podcast –pro or con. We’re still working on adding new elements for the third episode to improve the experience and are more than willing to listen to criticism from our fellow film fans.

The NaschyCast #2!

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Elena said...

I am glad you like the localizations, they are in Madrid county next to my city!! And yeah it is pretty cold in winter!! ;)

Love the cast!! I am lsitening to it right now!

Brian Lindsey said...

Great stuff, y'all... Really enjoyed it!

Rod Barnett said...

Thanks to both of you!

Elena- Have you ever visited the area? And if so was it recently? I wonder if it still looks the way it did in the film.

And we may be stepping up the speed of production. There may be another Cast before the end of March!

Dan said...

Hey Rod. Loved this pod cast. Here is my take on the question you raised at the end of the film where Elvira tosses the Thor's Hammers into the lake. The charm was where when they found it? In the well is where it was kept. I don't think that she lost faith at all. If a cross had been used there would not be anything esoteric about it and are easy to obtain. She doesn't have any kind of religion where the charm would have any use. So it doesn't have any need to be kept in her personal belongings. Also, I bet she was tired and putting it back in the case and lowering it back into the well wasn't not much of an option. So it went back into the water where it was found. I bet if everyone would have lived then they would have taken the time to put it back where they found it. So I don't think the scene had any kind of religious allegory. If a cross would have been used then they wouldn't have had to get it out of a well. She didn't lose any faith in terms of a core belief of good over evil in my opinion.

With that being said, I think that using Greek mythology was completely out of place. A cross or something similar should have been used. DeMarnac was follower of a Satan and that is in the Judao-Christian realm. I'm glad that they didn't whack DeMarnac with Mercury's winged shoe.