Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One of the great things about starting the Naschy Podcast has been getting contacts from other fans of the Spanish Horror Master around the world. Top of this list is Elena. This nice lady runs a Spanish language blog about Naschy that (even through the Bable Fish translation program) is quite a fantastic read. She certainly loves the man and his work at least as much as Troy and I do.

One of the neat things I found over at Un Fan de Paul Naschy is this trailer for what will now be his final film. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and looking like a well produced supernatural horror tale I cannot wait to get the chance to see it. And since Universal was involved perhaps that will happen sooner rather than later.

Sadly this is only in Spanish with no subtitle option but it more than gets across the idea. Check it out!


Elena said...

Ah! Thanks a lot for you kind words!!! I saw this film some days ago, we went to the premier and I have some info so ask whatever you want about it.
I'll tell you all I know.
First, as akind of appetizer for all the info I can share lol, it is a 2 part story, the second part would be released this year here in Spain.
If you want I can write a summary of the first part and some impressions. It is always great to help Naschy fans over there.
I have to tell you that the other two members of my crew: Ruben (Actually the webmaster, the man in charge of everything on the site and the one responsible of the existence of it) and Charly (the last to come but a great writer and with incredible knowledge about Spanish cinema) wanted to thank you but unfortunately they don't speak English so I am a kind of spokeswoman lol I made a summary of your podcast to them and they love it! So please receive a huge hello from them too! Anyway, ask ask ask about the movie!! ;)

Rod Barnett said...

Tell your collaborators 'Thank you' from me as well. They are doing great work over there and I'm loving it all.

And please feel free to let me in on some details about the new (last) film. I have no idea when we'll get to see it over here and I'm itching to hear about it!

Elena said...

It is based on Lovecraft universe and it tells the story of a girl who works for a kind of Property valuation company and when she is valuating an old mansion she disappears... that is the excuse for a flashback where we get to know the story of Valdemar family, that is based on the writer I've mentioned before and also in Gothic novels in general. There are some curious characters as for example Bram Stoker or Crowley and those ones.. I don't want to tell you a lot about the plot just in case you get to see it ;) This part is very 19th century you know... and it seems as the second part it is going to be based in our days... Ok the film, technically speaking, is perfect but part of the cast isn't very good... anyway... it's a good film but the reviews about it aren't quite good... It's one of the most expensive films made in Spain... The best is Naschy, his role is incredible I loved it... he is the butler and confident of Mr. and Mrs. Valdemar... and wow amazing acting!
I really hope you get to see it... Universal pictures is behind it so maybe it would be released in the USA... but who knows!! It's not being very successful here so....