Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've never been as big a fan of the fourth Bond film as many other folks claim to be- I feel its bloated and slow- but it has some of the most iconic of images.


Neil D Vokes said...

Great art!

Actually,it was my favorite back in the old days-when i was a kid still going to the theater to see new Bond films (only Connery back then)but that's because it was probably only the 2nd Bond i ever saw at that point-then they turned up on tv and i caught up with DR NO and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE- then as time went by i became a GOLDFINGER fan-now i'd probably pick RUSSIA- it's like being a fan of pop music then growing into rock and maybe jazz as you get older...;o)

Rod Barnett said...

I know where you're coming from Neil. I used to love DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (a lot!) but let's just say I got older. Of the Connery Bonds, I love the first three the most with FROM RUSSIA getting the nod as the best of the 60s efforts. YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE is an embarrassing mess that makes Connery's desire to leave the series understandable.