Saturday, October 10, 2009

StarShipSofa Stories Volume 1

I've not advertised the fact here but since last December I've been doing monthly film reviews for the science fiction podcast Star Ship Sofa. If you've never listened to the show I highly recommend it. Host and Master Controller Tony C. Smith puts together a consistently excellent hour to two hour a week program that includes great narrations of science fiction short stories as well as book & comic reviews. As good as the fiction is on SSS I often find my favorite sections being the wonderful fact articles on science by J.J. Campanella or the history lessons about the SF genre and its roots from Amy H. Sturges. They, as well as the other contributors, are amazing and I always feel that my time with them and the show is very well spent.

Recently Tony got the idea to publish the first volume of a Star Ship Sofa book and it is impressive. Collecting short stories that have been broadcast on the show (with the kind permission of the various authors) in print form STARSHIPSOFA STORIES VOL. 1 is a beautiful book packed with great SF tales that any fan would enjoy. It's being offered in three different styles depending on your budget with a fantastic new cover that you can see above. And if you just want to read the stories for free you can just download the free eBook version! That's right. FREE!

I urge you to check out both the free podcast and the book. Tell'em Rod sent you. They know me over there.


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