Saturday, October 24, 2009

Italian Gothics list

Over at the web site someone has compiled what might be a complete list of the Gothic Horror films made in Italy in the past five decades. Two things occurred to me as I ran through it.

1. Were there only 36 made?!?
2. There are a couple I haven't seen yet!!

But closer examination brought up other questions. Why are the last three considered right for this list? NOSFERATU IN VENICE doesn't seem to really qualify, THE CHURCH is a modern day tale and DARK WATERS just seems a stretch. I like all three movies but I've never thought of them as Gothics. Also, including THE REINCARNATION OF ISABEL is pushing things too. Its a completely crazed movie but its not really got much in the way of Gothic trappings. And TRAGIC CEREMONY wasn't a Gothic at all as I remember it. Also, I would have listed number 16 by its more impressive title CEMETERY OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Still, quibbles aside, its fun to have a list like this. It gives me a few movies to track down I was unaware of at all and its good for debates among aficionados.


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