Sunday, March 29, 2009

WICKED, WICKED (1973) trailer

I'd been curious to see this for a couple of years and now that I've seen it I have to say it is an interesting exercise in cinema. It’s not particularly well written, the acting is uneven and the two songs presented are oddly.... off. I normally wouldn't comment on a couple of songs in a film that really has nothing to do with music but when the singing can't seem to stay on the rhythm of the song and folks are pretending its great I get amused. Also, throughout the movie an old lady madly plays organ music from The Phantom of the Opera for no discernable reason.

Of course, the stunt here – Duo-Vision- is simply a split screen with two separate but possibly connected images playing simultaneously. It works pretty well strangely enough and adds some flavor to a fairly bland stew. The film really needed to sleaze things up a bit because, as it stands, it could play on TV with very little trimming. I love the film's location which is the same amazing California hotel featured in THE STUNT MAN. This is worth seeing for anyone curious about attempts to do something slightly different in cinema. Its not great but its far from a bad time regardless of the hystrically funny comments left on the film's IMDb page. That guy needs to stop watching movies made after 1955 or adjust his meds.

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