Saturday, March 14, 2009

Naschy comics coming soon!

Several months ago I read about the series of graphic novels -- OK, OK- comic books based on the horror films of Spain's Paul Naschy over on the great site The Mark Of Naschy. The only thing that tempered my enthusiastic, fist pumping joy was that they were in Spanish. I would occasionally look at the beautiful sample pages on the web and weep quiet tears that I am sadly monolingual. Why, oh why didn't I learn Spanish in school? Why did I waste so much time in French classes when there are no horror movie stars from that country? What a fool I was. For shame.

But today I was informed of a wonderful thing.......

Fangoria will be bringing these comics to America in full translated treatments!
Hallelujah! My life again has meaning and light! Soon- for that is as specific as the announcement on their website is- they will publish them and I can revel in the expanded Werewolf madness that only the crazed mind of Paul Naschy can cobble together.

I can hardly wait!

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