Sunday, September 07, 2008

Poster art for LIFEFORCE (1985)

I've been a fan of this Tobe Hooper film since I caught it on VHS back when it limped to video in the mid-80s. That cut of the film was a mess but I still was captivated by the sprawling science fiction story and the sheer craziness of the last 20 minutes. I returned to LIFEFORCE repeatedly over the years and although many would say its for the amazing nudity of the gorgeous Matilda May the truth is stranger. I just really like the pulp style tale being told.

When the longer and much better cut of the film came out on Laser Disc in the 90s it was like an awakening. What I had always thought of as a guilty pleasure was now actually a pretty damned good (though still crazed) film. It will always be very flawed but I could now laud the movie without making quite so many caveats. These days the shorter US theatrical cut of LIFEFORCE is a thing of the past. The longer, better version is what was released on DVD by MGM and over the past decade I've watched as a strong cult following has gathered around it. I would love to see a lengthy Video Watchdog type breakdown of the differences between the two cuts one day. Hell! I'd love a documentary about the making of the film including interviews with the surviving cast and crew! If EVENT HORIZON can get a special edition surely this film can.

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