Monday, April 21, 2008

PUMPKINHEAD poster art

Years ago I had a number of friends that thought very highly of this film. I watched it once and was unimpressed. Very unimpressed. So unimpressed I thought my friends had lost their critical abilities. I mean come on! Have you seen PUMPKINHEAD? Great creature design does not make a great movie! And the friends that tried to convince me of this sucker's qualities were the same fellows who tried to tell me Ken Russel's GOTHIC was good so it's not like they had a solid track record on recommendations.

But recently I've been tempted to watch it again. My memories have dimmed and the details of the story are faded shadows. Was it as crappy as I remember? Maybe I should put it in the NetFlix list? Could I just be thinking this artwork is so cool the movie might not really suck?


Mr. Ghoul said...

PUMKINHEAD is a fun mix of EC-style horror (imagine it as drawn by Graham Ingels), spooky campfire tall tale, and a tangible aura of tragedy since none of the characters are wholly dispicable or deserving of their fate. And the monster is pretty damn cool. PUMPKINHEAD 2, on the other hand, is horrendous. As for GOTHIC, Not only are my "critical abilities" intact, but are enough so that I can appreciate the hallucenogenic, hysteric ride it takes through the characters' deepest fears rather than simply telling a straighforward account of that famous gathering. HAUNTED SUMMER tried to do that, and it's a snoozefest.
Oh, and while we're at it, THE HUNGER is also a damn good film, except for the last 10 minutes anyway. Can you tell I'm trying to get you riled up?
hugs and kisses,

Rod Barnett said...

Good try, my old friend! Or fiend! But GOTHIC is a meandering mess that doesn't know what it wants to do other than spray a bunch of crap on the screen and hope some of it isn't as laughable as the rest. The high/low point is the eyeball nipples. Sad. I've had no interest in HAUNTED SUMMER and doubt I'll ever see it.
And THE HUNGER is a boring mess. How people can think its a good film is beyond me. Snoozefest indeed. Take your feelings about the last 10 minutes and that's how I feel about the entire thing! To have wasted Bowie and Sarandon in such a formless mess takes skill that only Tony Scott can muster. His hackery knows no bounds......