Thursday, April 17, 2008

BATMAN (1943)- Chapter 3

As Chapter 3 begins Batman & Robin are escaping from the nefarious Japoteurs with the unconscious Linda thrown over Batman’s shoulder. Walking along electrical wires Batman is about to be fried by rapidly advancing deadly sparks when Robin leaps to the ground and throws a rope over the wires for his partner to shimmy down. Safely on the ground our heroes rush off to get Linda to a doctor.

In his lair hidden behind a carnival House of Horrors Daka plots to blow up a train. When a kidnapped man (who appears to be the missing Uncle Martin from the first two chapters) refuses to cooperate he applies his zombie creating machine and has another slave. Already I’m getting confused! Is this Linda’s uncle? And if so how did he survive the fall at the end of chapter 1? And why does Daka have to re-zombify him? Does the process wear off? I need clarification dammit!

The henchmen report to Daka about the loss of Linda and the feisty villain dresses them down. When informed that someone has placed an ad in the paper asking for the owner of a ‘strange gun like object’ to come forward and claim their property he knows Batman is setting a trap. And indeed he is. Having no leads this is a desperate attempt to smoke out the evil organization using the captured radium gun.

Daka’s men call and set up a meet to reclaim the weapon. A disguised and nervous Alfred is waiting in the office being used as a front. (Alfred showed up in the second chapter and is clearly being used as the series’ reoccurring comic relief. Not that his sad antics are funny but what are you going to do. It is cool that he reads pulp adventure magazines as a hobby.) Robin follows one of the bad guys to the roof and when three others rush Alfred in the office another fist fight breaks out. This one starts with a pretty dangerous looking fall onto the set through a skylight that must have caused some bruises if nothing else. It’s a nice stunt and it looks like it really was the actor playing Robin that did it!

In the scuffle no one gets killed as Alfred is the only one who manages to fire a gun- poorly. But Batman is able to get his hands on a jacket with a note about that night's plan to blow up the train. Off to the Bat mobile to reach the bridge just as some evil henchmen are setting the bomb on the trestle. The Dynamic Duo attack but as the train approaches Batman is whacked over the head and collapses right next to the ticking bomb! And the train is barreling down the track with no possibility of stopping!

Will Batman be blown up? Will he be sliced up by the wheels of the oncoming train instead? Will Robin despair of his crime fighting buddy’s pathetic habit of getting nearly killed every few hours? And will Daka have to re-re-zombify Uncle Martin? And does that zombie making machine do perms?

Some of these questions will be asked in the next exciting and confusing chapter! I hope.

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