Thursday, July 26, 2018


THE BANDITS OF SHERWOOD FOREST (1946) is set up to play as a direct sequel to the 1938 ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD film with Errol Flynn. The story takes place a couple of decades after the end of the previous film with tyranny unfortunately returning to England and Sherwood Forest in the form of William of Pembroke. William is the regent for the child King but has evil plans. Robin as the Earl of Huntington is the only lord to rise up in defiance of this new tyranny as the Regent makes his first moves to claim the throne for himself. To accomplish this he will need to shore up his base of power with the landowners, somehow do away with the boy King and find a way to undermine and destroy the Magna Carta.

Adding the revocations of the Magna Carta to this story is a nice bit of historical detail that sets things in an specific historical period. I like this addition to the Robin Hood story giving some real modern flavor to the reasons why we should be rooting for the Barons and Lords. Robin's tale was always one of overcoming the cruelties of the wealthy ruling class so having the document that first provided for the protection of individual rights, protection from unlawful imprisonment and access to swift justice makes the concepts being fought for all the clearer. I wonder if this film helped any young lads answer a question correctly in history class?

THE BANDITS OF SHERWOOD FOREST is a pretty good little movie with some good scenes and some fair action. The cast is game, the tone light but serious and the Technicolor photography is vivid. Cornell Wilde is a little American to be playing the son of Robin Hood but since the elder Hood is played by another American I guess I should shut up and enjoy. Besides, Henry Daniell as the villain is British enough for everyone! This isn't one of the best Robin Hood films ever but it's not bad.

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