Wednesday, October 04, 2017

THE HOWLING (1981) Poster Art

Rewatched this tonight and it really holds up! The smart, clever script combined with assured direction, an excellent cast, wonderful music and stellar cinematography make this a winner - a classic even. Thumbs up to the Scream Factory Blu-Ray!


Nick Rentz said...

I'd take this over American Werewolf any day.

Brian Lindsey said...

So the German release title for THE HOWLING was... THE ANIMAL ("DAS TIER")? Rather generic!

Rod Barnett said...

I have a hard time choosing between 1981's two classic werewolf films. Some days it's one and some days it's the other.

Brian- Yeah - pretty generic title. I was kind of hoping for a multi-word German re-titling that translated as MAD WOLF MONSTER RAPES NEWS WOMAN'S HUSBAND! ;-)