Sunday, June 18, 2017

Women Who Kill Me - Erna Schurer

Although I have seen several films in which Erna Schurer appears it wasn't until last night's viewing of  LA BAMBOLA DI SATANA (1969) that I took notice of her. She is a gorgeous lady and is able to do a lot with a little in this film. The script requires that she remain in the dark as her character is Gaslighted by several people and menaced by a classic black-gloved killer. That throws this film into the giallo genre but since it takes place in a European castle it also has  a bit of a gothic vibe. Miss Schurer does her best but, although the film is very pretty on its Twilight Time Blu-Ray, it's also not very involving. I think it might be tome to revisit another of her gothic type films - SCREAM OF THE DEMON LOVER (1970) - to see why she didn't catch my eye when I first viewed it over twenty years ago.

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Nick Rentz said...

Have you seen Strip Nude For Your Killer? She's in it, but I've only seen once and can't place her face.