Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Cinema PSYOPS Podcast!

If I have not yet recommended the fantastic podcast Cinema PSYOPS to everyone I know allow me to correct that mistake right now. In the words straight from their site -"Cinema PSYOPS is a weekly film review podcast where we experiment on an impressionable mind to find out why physical wounds heal, but Cinematic ones don’t."

Oh yeah! The setup is that show host Cort forces his co-host Matt to watch movies that Cort saw at far too young an age to see what Matt's reaction will be. Usually, after a screening of HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, SUBSPECIES or VICE SQUAD poor Matt is a babbling lunatic raging at the insanity he's been witnessing. Over time he has come to understand just why Cort is as strange as he is and the path to acceptance has become clearer. Poor Matt.

For the past few episodes the hosts have opened up the format and invited others to visit and share their own Cinematic Traumas from their days of youthful film watching. This has lead to some amazing and very funny shows focused on PRINCE OF DARKNESS, THE TINGLER, WITCHBOARD and PORKY'S II: THE NEXT DAY. Yeah - there are all kinds of Cinematic Trauma! Even I, your humble blogger and podcaster, was asked to guest on an episode in which we discussed THE WILD BUNCH (1969) and how it's bloody violence twisted my adolescent mind. I hope to one get over that childhood misstep and join the rest of humanity in peace and love. But in the meantime join me, Cort and Matt for a run through 1913 Mexico staying one step ahead of bounty hunters and alcohol resistant STDs. It's a fun ride! 

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Cort PSYOP said...

Thank you so much for those all too kind words about our silly little podcast!!