Monday, February 29, 2016

Dr. Gangrene's Tales from Parts Unknown

One of the joys of living a geeky life that you end up with a lot of very talented friends. I know people who are painters, sculptors, filmmakers, writers, television directors, playwrights, special effects artists, musicians, disc jockeys and even the occasional Mad Doctor! It is under that title that most people know my buddy Larry Underwood because for the last 17 years he has been Nashville's TV horror host Dr. Gangrene. Starting out on public access and graduating to local network affiliates he presented a string of B-movies with a winning smile and a nefarious gleam that made him the talk of the town whenever a new episode would air. Over the past two years Larry has branched out into creating an ongoing video series that takes a look at the films of Vincent Price - ALL of them! Tackling this formidable task in chronological order is entertaining, fascinating and Larry does a great job of highlighting information that even longtime fans might not know.

But even with my knowledge of the various projects of Mr. Underwood I had forgotten about one of his other horror-tinged hobbies - he writes short fiction as well! And now he has bundled together 14 of his tales into one book that has just been released. Titled Dr. Gangrene's Tales from Parts Unknown it runs the table on geeky interests with stories ranging from the expected horror and monster tales to the Wild West and even off into the dark heart of the future. If you have an interest in fun, modern fiction that harks back to the classic pulp adventures of the 30's through the 50's you will find some true delights in these (possibly digital) pages. It's available as an e-book or in a good old dead tree edition from the link below and if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber it's even free! Check it out!

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