Saturday, January 02, 2016


Earlier this evening I posted a cleaned up version of the the Bloody Pit podcast episode about FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD. Co-host Mark Maddox posted a link to the show and our the Video Watchdog himself Tim Lucas decided to listen to it and sort of live tweet his comments on Facebook. I spent the next couple of hours having a great time laughing as each new updated post from Tim reacting to our coverage of the film. It was one of the funniest things I've been a part of in  a long time! At one point Tim chimes in with some info about the infamous octopus scene in FCTW and, in one of those great chain reactions that can only happen online, the amazing Japanese film and popular culture writer August Ragone jumped in with the detailed information about the Devilfish straight from his blog! Fantastic! 

Later on Mr. Ragone brought the above photo to our attention as he is trying to identify three of the people pictured. Click on the image for a larger, more readable version and if you have any idea who the mystery folks might be please contact August Ragone at his great blog The Good, The Bad and Godzilla. He'll be most appreciative if you can help solve this head-scratcher. 

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