Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do You Remember? - NEIGHBORS (1981)

Am I the only one with fond memories of this bizarre film? I loved this movie and probably watched it a dozen times when it was a cable TV staple. So strange with Belushi and Aykroyd so obviously playing the roles best suited for the other. And until tonight I had no idea the script was based on a novel! Or that the movie was written by Larry Gelbart of MASH fame! Or that it was directed by the man who made ROCKY! Damn. I gotta see this one again soon. 


Nick Rentz said...

Bizarre is the correct term to describe this film. I've only seen it once and didn't care for it. It's probably time to look for VHS tape.

Rod Barnett said...

It is a such a strange film but it has stuck with me for decades now. Can't wait to rewatch it and see what I think of it now.

Nick Rentz said...

Be sure to let us know what you think when you watch it again. I have to locate my tape of it. I'm sure we can both agree that Cathy Moriarty was HOT in this movie.